halloween chic fitness gear

have a safe, healthy, and happy halloween! make sure you burn off all of your candy calories =)

one fun-size M&Ms package = 100 pushups
(doesn't look so tasty anymore, does it?)
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detox diary: results

i'm ashamed to say i lasted five days.

why did i think juicing for 15 days was a good idea? 

i'll be the first to tell you that a juice cleanse is really difficult. especially because i couldn't really get into green juices. green juices are made with mostly vegetables and are the healthiest for you—they're also disgusting, in my humble opinion. so i was living of fruit juice from day three to day five, and it was taking a toll on my emotions, i think.

(image via healthy. happy. life.)
day four was worse than day three. day five was worse than all of them. i was having cravings...for a hamburger. NOT GOOD. i made a conscious decision to stop the cleanse because i did not want to be craving meat. it was highly uncharacteristic and i was actually afraid of the cravings to follow. so i made a medium-size plate of salad and ate it. i was full after about five bites!

the results
in five days i lost 6.4 pounds. since switching to solid food, i've gained back exactly two pounds (which i expect is mostly water weight). in the last few weeks, i've been very aware of how my body reacts to the foods i eat, which is a fabulous lesson to have learned. i don't think i was very in tune with my body before the juice cleanse, but i've found that my digestive system is even more sensitive than i thought.

overall, the juice cleanse was an awakening, albeit an unpleasant one. i would recommend it to someone who has a period of time away from work and temptations—living with someone who religiously eats six or seven meals a day did not help my cause. if you do decide to juice cleanse, good luck. you'll need it.


detox diary: day three

day three! i had much more energy today, but the juice cleanse isn't getting any easier. i've decided that 15 days is really too long, and i know i don't have the discipline or patience to reach that goal. i know that seven days will enable my body to detox, and i'll be able to keep my sanity. after this friday, i plan to spend another week eating a raw fruit and vegetable diet to continue detoxing.

that said, i've started collecting raw recipes to try—i'm so excited!

morning: orange, peach, lemon
mid-morning: apple, lemon, ginger
afternoon: cucumber, celery, apple, pear, lemon, ginger
evening: mango, carrot, peach, lemon (it was more like dessert!)


detox diary: day two

it's day two of my juice cleanse. i feel really weak, tired, sore, sick, and irritable today. the best part of the day, however, is that i'm down almost 4 pounds. i'm not getting overly excited though, because i know it's mostly water weight.

i'm really not looking forward to tomorrow (monday). at times, the office where i work can be a stressful environment that makes me very anxious—and that's on a non-detoxing day. tomorrow i expect i'll feel very vulnerable and emotionally unsteady. wish me luck.

morning: orange, peach, lemon
mid-day: apple, carrot, celery
evening: cucumber, romaine lettuce, apple, ginger